What's in my bag?

My wife bought me a new bag for my birthday, and after we got home from shopping, she was eager to see how the new bag works for what I usually carry around and bring along for my sketching trip. It is the best time to empty out my old bag and lay out the contents. Here it is:

[caption id="attachment_1380" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="What I bring along for a sketching trip"][/caption]

It is amazing how these things could actually fit into a little bag that I usually carry around with me. Sometimes I would bring along 2 sketchbooks - a regular one and one that I paint watercolor - both are small and handy and lightweight; the fountain pens are the essentials - I use "Lamy" and "Pen & Ink" fountain pens loaded with Noodler's ink which I would bring along in a smaller bottle shown above (it is not clear from the top down view). Besides the fountain pens, the brush pens are very important too - one is loaded with black ink, another with diluted black watercolor and 3 loaded with water for watercolor painting. On the bottom right corner you will see my medicines which include a bottle of AXE oil, a tube of Mopiko for the mosquito bites, panadol for headaches, sunblock with 32 spf, lozenges for discomfort throat, mouth spray for the bad breath, wet towel to wash up and mosquito patches (not shown above) as most of the time Singapore is infested (not too bad) with the bad bugs that bite especially after a rain. I am trying my best to keep everything lightweight so I wouldn't get too tired carrying these. On an official sketch trip, I would also bring along a mini camping chair, and an additional cloth bag to contain my extra larger watercolor papers too! Whew! Most of the time, I find myself just using 1-2 pens and not everything that I brought. But you never know.


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