Night Sketching

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It has been getting harder and harder to find time to sketch lately, even during the weekends. For the past 2 weekends, I wasn't feeling very well. There has been an epidemic outbreak of common cold in the last month, while the weather here in Singapore has been getting so hot and humid, the propagation of virus and bacteria has been lightning swift. I don't use to get sick that much but for twice in a row within a span of 3-4 weeks, I was. Well, anyway, feeling much better on Monday, Kat and I decided to go out for a short walk. I wanted to sketch a little at the same time just to do something different. Therefore this was going to be my very first time sketching at night. Well, as usual, the streets here are always well lit, so there wasn't any difficulty at all to see what I was drawing. Anyway, the time was past 9pm, the stores were still opened and operating as usual. We could see that business was good. I sketched an open air (or non A/C) coffeeshop that sells chicken rice and beer! You have no idea what people eat in this neighborhood!!


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