Another day - another lunch time sketch

[caption id="attachment_1098" align="alignnone" width="493" caption="Chicken Rice Sketch"][/caption]

Alright, another lunch time sketch -  I ate alone today, not an usual practice since I started work. This time round, I found a nice corner (not a very secluded one) at a coffee shop and drew the stall I bought my chicken rice from. Just note that I have already finished my chicken rice before it got cold. After which I bought a cuppa coffee then sat down again to sketch. After a while, a few of the stall owners noticed my head movements and came over to where I was out of curiosity. Some came over to chat when they saw me drawing, one thought I was commissioned by the chicken rice uncle, whilst another uncle asked me why was I sketching. I answered, “Just drawing for fun.” He waked away, maybe thinking I could have made better use of my time catching a fiesta or something. Anyway, another day of making myself happy just by drawing and having my fav food. I am gonna get some colleague to join me next time.

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