Glendale Borders

Our neighbors told us it was not usual to be so cold in Glendale. In fact it was the wettest and the coldest season since he moved here. Wow... everywhere we landed, we experienced extreme weather. We remembered our other landlord telling us during summer when we arrived in LA, it wasn't so hot either. The news said a heat wave has struck California this year during the summer season. In addition we witnessed many bush fires and houses burnt down since the time we came. On the news, Oprah's houese was like 3 blocks away from the mansion that was burnt down to ashes. A collegue of mine in Disney woke up to see houses burning and the sky lit with an orange glow one late night. We were protected, thank God, even from the earthquake that shook California at a Ritchter scale of 6.5 (approx) for 20 secs in the month of Oct. Well, anyway, we spent a cold evening in the warmth of Borders Glendale reading our fav magz, and had Peet's coffee to warm our bodies.

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