Launching a new blog

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Hello world! I'm launching a new blog to doc my life and progress in becoming a better student of art and an illustrator. If you read my profile, you will find that I'm now living in Glendale, California, and is interning with Disney as an Art Intern. I'm hoping to stay as long as possible to gain a as much experience as possible. At the mean time, enjoying myself here at sunshine California with my wife and cat, Tibby.

The reason for a new blog is, the old one has been lost. Everything gone except for a backup. I thot, what the heck, might as well create a new one for this year. Well, here it is.

So far, I have been away from my country for slightly more than 2 years. The longest period I am away from home overseas. Most of the time, when I was overseas,  I would either be holidaying or performing my duties as a soldier. Since I was downgraded to Perm C9 (non-combat fit), the army hasn't recall me back for as long as 5 years or more. I was so blessed to be "exiled" from military training, thanks to my wife. This is actually something that so many males in my country would long for. I am in a very envied position - it is far better than getting a bonus or a promotion.

Anyway, I will take sometime to rebuild this blog all over again. So tune in always. Thanks for dropping by and taking time to read this nonsensical blab. ")

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