A Throwback from 2019

 When you discover a tool that you like and enjoy using, you'll never stop using it. For me it is the Pentel brush pen and the Pentel pocket brush pen. These tools are so versatile as you can draw and paint all at the same time. If you are using them for the first time, there is some getting used to. A brush is unlike a fountain pen that gives you a lot more control over the lines. A brush is flexible, while you can draw with the tip of the bristle, you can turn it or press harder to fill or paint over a larger area. Drawing with the point needs practice as you need to hold the pen in a certain angle and holding it so the tip of the brush just hovers over the surface of the sketchbook. Sometimes you need to maintain a constant distance between the bristle and the paper surface for a longer span of time to maintain a certain level of line consistency and this would take some effort to do so.

But overall, you can get quite a wide variety of lines from a brush pen, ranging from very thin and delicate to thick and bold. It is always a joy to use the brush pen, provided you like that kind of lines that it can produce. To each his own. Not everyone loves the brush pen. Some said it's too inky, too stark, too difficult to control, or too limiting. Well I do trust that you will fall in love with it once you get used to it. 

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