Sketching People in the midst of the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the lives of many. We have also learned to live with the virus in the midst of us. But our lives did not turned for the worst. Technologies have taken a quantum leap because of the pandemic while some said COVID-19 has transformed business forever. Those that have not adapted fast enough have dissipated and disappeared. For one, I welcomed the idea of staying masked all the time in public places. I know some countries have sanctioned that wearing masks is not compulsory in open areas, that of course is up to your own discretion, for your own protection. I would stay masked in public places whether open or close, it is just for your own benefits.

For Singapore, where it is crowded everywhere (even in a 'forest') and every moment, it is important wear mask to protect yourself and everyone around you. Where I stay, there are many elderly people, some who may not be vaccinated, therefore it is even more important to stay protected. Fortunately all unvaccinated people would not be allowed to eat-in even in food market where everyone congregates daily. It sounded unfair but it is essential to keep people out of the hospital and the ICU. Statistically 90% of the severely sicked from Covid-19 is people who are not vaccinated. 

This is where we get our food - Telok Blangah Drive Food Market. It is even more crowded with people jostling for their breakfast, lunch and coffee. We have to token check-in to enter and it is optional to check out when you leave. The process has become a staple since Singapore opened for dine-in, 2 first and then 5. Noone is happy about the fuss but when they saw the benefits they obliged. 

The market is cleaned more frequently and at the same time, Singapore has kicked in the 'return your tray' and 'clean after yourself' policy. Any offender would be fined. We, as Singaporeans are not so civil minded to begin with so we need the government to tell us what to do. Something that is done out of consideration and common sense is not so here. If it is done voluntarily, no one would do it. If you do it you are deemed dim witted. (LOL!)

Anyway the sketch here was done on-location as my wife and I had our breakfast. This is how we eat, communally in a alfresco kind of eating place, where you will find stalls and seats all lined up in rows and columns just like a food court. Food is cheap and affordable. We like to eat and then talk at the top of our voices, shouting across tables. But this has changed because of the pandemic. It is quieter now because we are discouraged to talk too loudly and with the masks on, we don't see saliva been spit and spilled across tables. Though crowded, I am a little happier now. People are not getting the common flu because we are all masked and protected. 

Sketchbook: Nude Journal Book (Thailand Origin)
Tools: A fude fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink, coloured pencil
Digital tones: Clip Studio Paint.

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