Sketching and Drawing while Visiting Places Virtually - great way to get away in times of a lockdown


Somewhere in Quebec City.

The virtual sketching community has grown a lot bigger just this year and the last because of the pandemic lockdown. Many sketchers around the world have been relying on Google Streetview to sketch different part of their own hometown or some part in some remote area. I have been doing this even before the pandemic just so I could explore more places. 

This piece was one done to warm up for the day and also I was just relaxing to music and reflecting. A Pilot marker was used for the lines. I held the pen further away from the pen tip so I have less control over the lines draw, resulting in some quivering lines to add interest. A quivering line is still a line and a straight line is not governed by how perfect it is. As long as there is a obvious starting and ending point in a certain angle, it is a straight line. Tones were added with watercolour. I have to leave enough white to suggest a sun lit location.

The darks (shadows) were added with a Pentel brush pen - no going over the same area more than once - was the principle I held on while filling in the darks. Anyway don’t mind the crayon marks on the sky. 

My Favourite Tools for Sketching and Drawing

The tools I used for sketching and drawing

Not my most used favourite sketching tools per se, but recently I have been using markers or artliners to draw. So far the best ones are from Pentel, shown above, that do not dry even after not using for a long time. The one on the far left, I would not recommend. The pen tip dries fast and the pigment ink does not flow well. I love using square brushes and the one show above is a sable hair - soft but returns to its shape fast and holds plenty of water or paint pigment. I don't recommend to use it with acrylics though.

Of course the Pentel brush pen is the trusty brush pen I go for. There is a downside with this. The bristle dries and hardens when the brush is left exposed after a while. Most often when I was drawing for a long period of time it happened. So I have to recap it or squeeze the barrel for some ink to go into the barrel feed in order to het the bristles to stay moist with ink. Other than that it is a great tool. However if the bristle dries a little, I would use it to make dry brush marks for textures. Still good.

Below is a sketch I did with a Hero fountain pen and toned with Kuretake water-based markers that I had for many years. Still works because they are water-based.

Bandung Indonesia vitual sketchwalk

The sketch below was done with a brush pen and toned with watercolour wash. The paper used was crappy and very absorbent. It was difficult to control the line width of the strokes. Lines got very thick in the end and pigment got washed out. I will probably use dry mediums on them later.

The following sketch was done on a paper with glossy finish probably coated or something. Great for pen drawing but the surface was too smooth so the pen nib glides too easily. Sometimes a little tooth on the paper gives better results in terms of control. As for photographing the image, it is too reflective.

Georgetown Penang
Georgetown with a brush pen and watercolour wash

So here you go. Some sketches to show the varieties of lines and strokes or textures you may produce with a change in pens and drawing supports.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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