Drawing comics with ClipStudio Paint

After getting more used to the workflow and UI of ClipStudio Paint, I am finding this program a hassle free drawing app, especially for the production of comics. The work process includes allowing users to draw panels and cutting them into the desired sizes with ease. The most useful function would be adding screentones; the app creates a layer and masking unwanted portion automatically. It cuts off additional steps if I am doing the same thing in Photoshop.

I drew this comic strip like a personal journal. The first few panels described me bringing mum to ICA to collect her passport; which are followed by our brief conversation about mum's dream of dad.I thought the whole thing was quite moving. I like how mum described her experience without fear, unlike most other Chinese who believed in bad things if they have dreams about the dead. Anyway it gave me pleasure to tell her that dad is happy in heaven. Inside me, I was glad to learn that she is at peace with that notion.

The last panel was something I read from the Internet, about the Dunning-Kruger effect. It fascinates me as someone has actually created a theory about people who are proud of their stupidity. Anyway.

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