Fan Art: Hani from EXID - Procreate Digital Painting

There are currently 2 apps I have been using for digital painting. On the desktop I have been trying out CLIP STUDIO PAINT to replace Photoshop as the latter would take at least 8-10 mins to get fired up on my Mac. Clip has been a tool that I used to create and compile my comics as well while the brushes on CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a lot faster though Photoshop has more brush choices. On the iPad Pro, there is nothing better, more intuitive to use and faster than Procreate.
This is a fanart of Hani from EXID (EXID_Official) that I worked on while trying out the 3 apps that I mentioned. However the bulk of it was done and completed in Procreate. The new Apple pencil on the gen 3 iPad Pro, given the right brushes, with its pen sensitivity and speed, has made the process a lot more enjoyable.

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