A New Space for Creativity

This is a space that I have left unused for a long while. It has been a temporary store room for all the extra stuff I have. It used to be where I worked when we just moved in to the apartment, now it has been a room where I stacked all my things together. After a long while of cleaning, throwing and organising, I have moved a table to the window where I could setup an airbrush station but in addition an additional workstation for working with traditional mediums like ink and watercolour so I could free my computer station of the clutter. Now I am able to leave my WIP on the table without having to clear it. The easel on the bottom right will let me paint a larger format if I want to. The setup is not completed yet because all the drawers and cabinets are not properly organised and categorised. I need another couple of weekends to do that. For now, I could live with this and I am pretty happy with the outcome.

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