My Studio Space, my work space, my cave, my office where I draw and paint.


Every man needs his own personal space, a cave, or a safe house regardless how you want to call it. Its where he can be himself away from the noises of the world, that's when he can reflect, ponder and find his bearings. I like to work in an organised place, but it has to look chaotic, messy to the outside world.  I spent my free hours organising things around, and to come to a state like this, it took me a couple of months or more. And finally I am about 85% happy. At the moment, things are put into their right places, grouped and tidied up, some labelled, and some stacked as a common category. Still not perfect (nothing in this world is perfect, and I am not aiming for perfection), but so far, quite satisfactory. There were a lot of background work that wouldn't be seen but now, at least I know where to look for my stuff.

 Sometimes I wonder how did I become a hoarder of art tools and materials. Was it because I was afraid I might run out of certain things? I have no idea how on earth I have collected so much in a short time. Books especially. I wish I could part with some of my older collection and give them away but I realised I am not that benevolent after all. They are my precious, all mine. Lord help me. Not long ago I was sifting out those I might want to give away. I posted some on FB and no one responded to me. I wasn't even selling them, I was giving them away free of charge. A person even wrote to me, said he wanted to browse them first and only take those he wanted. I removed the post instantly, and told myself I am not giving anything away again. I have to find a way to organise things so everything can fit into my 4-room state-owned apartment. There would be something that has to go, and I did managed to discard quite a bit. Well, more to go. I just have to do it bit by bit so I don't get too tired through the process. And here's the result.

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