The Oxley Road Saga (Drama)...

It all started with a letter to our Prime Minister from his siblings. I was surprised and amused at the same time. A sibling dispute went national and then international, just because it involved Singapore's Prime Minister so to speak. There is a Chinese saying that goes like this, do not air your family's quarrel to the public. Don't they know what would happened? Every member of the Lee's siblings are prominent people. This is going to attract a lot of attention. Even Youtube shows news of this dispute on a world wide scale.

Singaporeans were concerned with how Singapore is going to appear on the world stage. Our reputation is going down hill from now on. How could this end and recover. Is it going to spiral out of control. Most Singaporeans cared less about this. It is a fight that no one would understand. It involved the elitists and the privileged. A working class person like me could only understand at a very superficial level.

But it all ended on the 6th Jul 2017, when Lee's siblings decided to end it all. My response was like, "Whaaaat?" I am happy that it all ended, hopefully well. Everyone's life goes back to the mundane routine again, back to the usual K-Drama, and back to the train's signalling issue again.

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