Sketching Dinosaur

The fact that drawing dinosaur is "funner" is because no-one has ever seen a dinosaur with their own eyes before. There are hypothesis on how a dinosaur or a particular specify should look like but these are just theoretical predictions from forensic science and archaeological finds. The way a dinosaur should look like change every time whenever a new dig was found. So it is up to the artist's imagination to think of what a dinosaur should look like and that is the thing that makes it all more fun and exciting.

I reckon James Gurney ( is the best dinosaur artist. Most of his dinosaur drawings and paintings came from tons of research to make them look authentic and believable. That's the key word. What makes your dinosaur drawing believable? The studies on anatomy, how they move, and etc. You can be a professor on just drawing dinosaur alone.

After a long hiatus, I am back to drawing TREX again. From the look of it, I needed more practice.

Faber Castell Polychromous Coloured Pencils
This was done with the help of a model, so I was practically drawing this from life.

That's my old trusty model. I collect a couple of dino toys and this one is my favourite. It cost less that SGD20 during a sale. Pretty well sculpted but in terms of assembly, not that good. In an attempt to re-shape one of the legs, I broke it.

When I was drawing these, I tried to video the whole process. Though I failed to do so, I manage to test out different types of over head rig. One with the selfie stick tripod and one with a tripod stand and with a Lumix camera which is not built to make video.

Photoshop and Kyle's brushes
Photoshop and Kyle's ink brushes - Colourised.
Then I did another one on Photoshop. Here's the video. It is 30mins long but I have placed a nice Jazz track in so you may enjoy the music even if you are not watching the footage.

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