Sketching at Buffalo Street, Little India Singapore

Buffalo Street, Little India Singapore
I have been here many times but it is quite impossible to explore everything here. This was done on the second floor of the market and food center located along Buffalo Street. On the first, food and vegetables. On the second, you would find all kinds of Indian boutique and accessories for the women. It is nothing like any other market in Singapore. If you walk along the aisle and browse the stalls, you wouldn't imagine yourself in Singapore at all.

In this sketch, I have changed the colours for the building. Originally, this building is painted with bright yellows and many other colours. I thought it might be too much for this drawing, so I changed it. What drew me to draw this? Well, the palm trees that stand on both side of the building in the center.

Line art was done on location while the colours were added later in the studio digitally.

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