Sketching a Car Show Room | Singapore

Sketching a car showroom | Don Low 
Throwback: Sketching a car show room... a while ago (maybe about 2 years, not sure whey time passed so fast these days), James and I were attending an exhibition located right above a car show room, like a part of the office lobby portioned out for putting up art exhibits. However we got more interested with looking at the show room below us and seeing the cars from a top down angle just triggered me to want to try drawing them as a challenge. Well you could do that if you are staying in a HDB estate overlooking an open air parking lot. Very common. I don't, so I am thrilled. I am not posting this without making some modification to the original line drawing. So I brought it to Photoshop, and added some halftone effects just to throw in some light and shadow.

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