Some updates.... A Happy Lunar New Year to you!

I have not posted anything since Dec last year.... first of all, a Happy Lunar New Year to all who visit my blog, may you live long and prosper. Strangely, the "Vulcan salute" sounds really like the traditional Chinese greetings especially on auspicious and special occasions like the New Year. Do not under estimate the power of your tongue, which can be used to bless and curse. It is very wise to control your tongue only to make sure good words come forth, which in turn has an effect on your own body too.

Anyway, I ran a #2016bestnine on a third party app for Instagram and the result showed a remarkable 2016 for myself. I love it when only sketches, drawings and paintings appear to be the top posts.
Instagram Best Nine Posts
Instagram Best Nine for 2016 #2016bestnine
I took out a sketch I did during the CNY season in 2015 at Chinatown and put some colours on it. Everything was done from memory, how I remembered what the CNY atmosphere was then. When I saw another sketch a friend did for this year at the same location, I saw that the shops have recycled the use of the same CNY decor of the prosperous grandpa deity. Have they run out of ideas or budget. I saw on TV they have placed a giant rooster at the cross junction of South Bridge Road and Pickering right in front of Chinatown Point... maybe I will head down to take a look myself.

Good news!! I have sold a pencil sketch when I posted it on my Facebook. It was bought by a FB friend from US. I have not met him in person yet but I think we have been following each others' posts. I love his painting. He was kind enough to buy the pencil drawing from me. I was elated and thought this was too good to be true. He also requested that I gift the pencil I used to draw to him, and gladly did so. It was a Cretacolour Nero Extrasoft Oil Charcoal Pencil. I gave him another pencil drawing of the same subject matter for good will. I am pretty sure the drawings have landed in good hands.

Cretacolour Nero Extrasoft Charcoal Pencil
Boats drawing made with Cretacolour Nero Extrasoft Charcoal Pencil
Here you go... and again have a great year ahead. Will be back soon!

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