Procreate Pocket: Mobile Digital Art on the go with iPhone 5 Plus

Procreate Pocket
Effects added in Photoshop
Drawing digitally on the go has been made very easy and accessible with APPS like Procreate, Sketchbook Pro and etc. There are so many to choose from, but one stands out to be my favourite. Procreate, which is very affordable but packs a punch in terms of user friendliness and technical proficiency. I use Procreate on my iPad ( I have blogged quite a lot about it) with the Apple Pencil which makes drawing on the tablet very pleasurable. Because all the predecessors are yielding very disappointing results. So far Apple Pencil and iPad Pro top the mobile digital art game.

Procreate Pocket is a newly developed APP catered for use with the iPhone. A smaller and lighter version but the functionality is still as good as the tablet version. For this I use my finger to draw since I couldn't find any stylus to work well with my iPhone. At first it was hard as my finger keeps getting in my way. In the end I have to trust my instinct to know where my lines will end up. After a while, I got the hang of it. Like drawing on a small piece of paper with a huge brush or marker, I have to simplify and not over draw with too much details. Every stroke and line has to count and make up the image. It is difficult at first but it adds a certain element of challenge to the process of drawing.

Definitely I would give Procreate Pocket a go again and now I am not afraid anymore if my iPad Pro is not with me or run out of juice. :D

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