Not A Review: Molotow Acrylics MarkersUpper Weld Road,

Upper Weld Road, Little India, Singapore
Upper Weld Road, Little India (Singapore)
Acrylics on Cotton Canvas
16" X 20"

Molotow Acrylics Markers
Prior to this painting, I did not know about these German made acrylics markers until I paid a visit to a local art supplies located next to an art school in Singapore. I am a member of the shop so I was actually taking advantage of the birthday month to enjoy a 20% discount from my purchases. I also wanted to make a deliberate visit to see what the shop has to offer. Usually I would be there for a very short while. I would get what I want and leave. This time round I made an effort to look at every shelves carefully. Then I stumbled on these markers displayed on a very big display shelf. I was wondering why I have not noticed them before.

The TV display showing how these markers could be used caught my eyes and I watched how these markers were used by an artist to make graffiti art on canvas. I was very intrigued at how these markers could produce very even line with very good consistency in paint thickness. I bought the above markers to try. By the way this is not meant to be a review on the tools so I only have the painting to show.

I brought these markers and a canvas to draw on location. I could draw quite quickly on a medium sized canvas with ease as well. The grey was filled in after the lines were drawn. Then I added back the black lines where the grey has covered them. I added white later over the grey to adjust the light. Then more black lines. I brought the painting back to the studio to add the blue by means of a paint brush. I tried adding some darker grey too on smaller areas. For now I am pretty satisfied with what has been done. 

This is what the location looks like. It would be nice to have a bigger canvas for this scene.

Most of my friends went to paint near this location in the morning, but I was there in the late afternoon, when the light threw very nice angular shadows over the buildings. I may be painting more of this location from photos I took.

I was privileged to be accompanied by a lovely budding artist. 

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