My Sketches on Postcards and Business Cards

I have only printed my business cards a few times in my entire career as an artist, there was a period of more than 10 years I went about doing my business with one. However, in preparation for the USK Symposium 2016 in Manchester, and in anticipation of meeting up with very cool sketcher friends, I have decided to print something to give away this time, especially for those participants who signed up for my workshop. I want everyone to walk away happy. :D So for the first time, I printed postcards with my drawings, sketches and paintings. A total of 5 designs. I also reprinted my name cards as well. I will be waiting for my mini-cards from MOO, these would be arriving end of June, hopefully not later because I will be heading to UK in the second week of July. How exciting.

The print quality is not so bad. In fact I really like the one of the shophouses in sepia tone. I printed these at Bras Basah, at a shop named Misterprint. Comparatively the price is slightly higher than some other printing shops elsewhere, but I quite like their service and print quality. Until I find another better I would probably stick to this one for the time being, for the convenience of its locale and how the shop was run by nice ladies, I'm just kidding. Well, the lady who served me with my print job even went all out to redo my artwork for my rubber stamp design. I suck in preparing stuff for production since this was my first in making a rubber stamp. I knew some places that will simply reject your stuff if it doesn't work for printing.

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