By Don Low - Sketches from Vivo City / Harbourfront Center

It began with a rainy morning. I remained in Starbucks to do some warm-up sketches to wade out the shower. Starbucks in Vivo is unique because one side of the cafe faces the Ferry Terminal and the full glass windows allow customers to see what's outside. Its like an alfresco seating but in the comfort of air-conditioning. From inside, you can see part of the Sentosa island, the sea, sometimes the cruise ship, and lots of palm trees, that are my favourite.

sketch of Starbucks Cafe
Starbucks Cafe in Vivo
When I finished drawing the scene, most customers I drew have left. But it was the ang mo sitting by the glass windows that got me thrilled (sound weird) about the composition. I added colours with coloured pencils later, just spots of colours on the palm trees and the Starbucks logo.

Sketch of Starbucks Cafe from inside
Tools: Hero Fountain Pen, ink & Coloured Pencils

My attention was turned to another customer having her breakfast, biscuits and coffee. She was sitting alone and I her the side view silhouette.  At one point she kept looking at my direction, I have to stop bobbing my head up and down while sketching her. So I waited till she turned away before looking in her direction again.

Soon after I headed out to draw the boats....
Ink, watercolors
Ink, watercolors
Fountain pen, coloured pencils, watercolors
Fountain pen, coloured pencils, watercolors
Fountain pen, coloured pencils, watercolors
Ink and coloured pencils
ink sketch

Jace joined me for lunch and we headed to the third level of Vivo overlooking the south side of the coast. I sketched the revolving restaurant (top left) which was formerly a flour factory and silos.

View of the container terminal and the rail leading to Sentosa island and Universal Studios.

These boats ferry people who are going to and coming back from Batam, if I am not wrong.

These are the students I drew with. :D 

I had fun!! 

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