Exploring my neighbourhood: Jalan Bukit Merah Market

Extracting a Facebook post from my own wall:

"20 years ago a wet market looked very much different from what is now. But the ambience remains somewhat the same. I could hear loud bargaining between the aunties and the stall owners who would later offer some free stuff to the patrons. People greeting each other and helping each other with their stuff. Everyone seems to know each other. It's a lively environment. Something we don't see in the supermarkets."

sketch of jalan bukit merah market
Sketch of Jalan Bukit Merah market
Sketching the neighborhood gives you ample reason to explore your neighbourhood, and places where you seldom visit or go to. We shop in the supermarkets most often because we love air-conditioned places. But I do see more and more younger people going to wet markets now. Like I mentioned before, wet markets are now cleaner, and "not wet". Many years ago, we could buy live animals from the markets, and live animals were slaughtered right in front of your eyes, mainly chicken, not cows or goats. No need to be alarmed. It may be slightly more expensive to buy things from the wet market, but the environment is indeed friendlier and more personal. Most stalls are managed by elderly people and they are still making a living for themselves. I don't mind buying from them as a means to support their livelihood.

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