There was a time i love going to the buffet just because I could taste out different kind of food all at the same time. After a while being satiated, everything tasted almost the same. We stopped going to buffet because besides, we decided to cut some slack on eating. It was almost a year later we thought of trying out Asian Market on a weekend when both my wife and myself just felt like chilling in a buffet restaurant.

We did not make a reservation but many did. So we have to let those who have made their reservations enter first, but it was just a short wait of 5mins. The eaters came in hordes, mostly families. I was thinking, the buffet per pax is not that cheap... unless they have discount somewhere, or the minimal to spend would be in the hundreds. There are many rich people in Singapore I suppose.

It was quite a pleasant experience eating at the restaurant before it got rowdy and more crowded. There was no shoving or pushing but there were times I felt arms stretching from above me or under my arm pits just to reach out to the buffet spread. Some people were too hungry to wait for their turn I think or they were just desperate.

So after I got my fill, I sat back, took my iPad out to draw an exaggerated scene of the buffet. As I was drawing I was thinking, when will people learn to wait for their turn? But I was also reminded that this was not that bad compared to a video I saw of Chinese (in China) fighting at a buffet table. It makes me feel odd when I would diligently stood in line to get to the food.

Drawn based on the people sitting around our table. The sign of affluence is everywhere.

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