Mobile sketching & painting setup.

I wanted a simple and convenient setup to do sketching on the go and not having to layout my stuff if possible. Especially if I want to make a quick sketch on the train or something like that, though I doubt I would do that eventually.

The above setup, that includes an A4 wooden board (very light weight), 2-4 binder clips, an A5 #Moleskine sketchbook, allows me to hold the sketchbook and palette box at the same time. I would use a water brush pen to paint and I probably would hang the rag or paper towel somewhere. This is as simplest as I can get. I do wish however that I could paint with my regular brushes, but I have to attach a water container somewhere. I could use a oil painting solvent container in this case and easily attach it on my board. I will probably have to get one from the shop since I do not have a spare.

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