6 May Update - lunch sketch and wood carving

Andrew and the designer were going to the printer to make a round of press check for Vol 2 of USK Singapore art book, "Memories and Places", James and I tagged along. This was lunch. Zaihan was with us too. We drove to a nearby zichar place where they specialise in Penang food. All of us tried the Penang Char Kueh Teow which was really delicious.

Some progress made to the wood carving project. Its taking ms ages to make minor progress but so far I am quite satisfied with how this is going. Wood carving is tedious and strenuous. James had blisters on his palm after 2 hours of knocking and hacking and chiseling non-stop. This is just week 2 from when we started chiseling. By the way, we both bought us a Swiss made chisel that cost SGD40 each. We have to make this work anyhow!

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