Chilling at East Coast Park

Its that part of the East Coast where something bad has happened eons ago, I shan't mention it here. But this location was recently revamped and now it has pubs, brewery, cafes and restaurants. Formally the Marine Cove was the happening place, but the government wanted to "naturalise" it and convert it to a park with reservoir or something, for don't want reason. They also closed and moved McDonalds to another location, beside some crab restaurants. It's closed now too.... we realised that East Coast has no McDonalds.... some of us grew up at Marine Parade frequenting the fast food chain  all the time.

After scooting for half and hour we settled for a bite at one of the cafes here, overlooking the sea and the beach, welcomed by strong sea breezes, and hailed by the distant container ships floating quietly and silently watching the setting sun. Many customers brought their dogs. Fortunately the dogs were very well behaved. Families were enjoying each other's company and for a little more money, you get an upgraded lifestyle and away with food courts' brawl.

We sat till the sun sank deep into the horizon, and left when the sky turned a deep turquoise blue. Unlike the food centre about 2-3 kms away, this was bliss, a kind of food heaven on this part pf the beach area. Good vibes. We will be back.

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