Affordable Art Fair Singapore Nov 2014

I am invited to participate for the first time in the year end Affordable Art Fair Singapore by Goldmann SAGG this year. I submitted 12 pieces of watercolour paintings mainly on the theme of Singapore shophouses. On the opening night, 2 pieces of watercolour have been sold: Morning market in Tiong Bahru, and Smith Street, Chinatown. Thank you collectors!! I am looking forward to having more sold during the event. At the same time, I am also doing a tag team demonstration at the event with Marvin Chew, who is also a celebrated watercolorist. It will be on Wednesday 3pm at the Art Education Space, 2nd floor, in the third room. Looking forward to seeing you there too.

These are the paintings exhibited in the show. The centre piece is not for sale and is exhibited at the Singapore Watercolor Society's booth in the Art Education Space.

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