Affordable Air Fair Nov 2014 Edition - Tag team watercolour painting demonstration by Don Low and Marvin Chew

It was a great event no doubt, especially when the organiser has placed an Education Space where talks and demonstrations on painting, photography and sculpture are carried out. We believed the space is sponsored and the main supporter would be NAC. Thanks to Marvin who invited me to participate in the demonstration. Marvin and I were supposed to do a tag team watercolour painting demonstration. We decided to paint big. We had a good audience and very good response after the 1.5-2 hour painting demonstration.

A shot we took before the demonstration started (pic by Teoh Yi Chie)

The finished painting done in about 1.5-2hours, measuring about 130cm in length (pic by Teoh Yi Chie).

Short discussion about the painting after the demonstration and friends congratulating us (pic by Teoh Yi Chie).

A group pix taken on another day with a friend (Chris Ng).

Parka aka Teoh Yi Chie took a time lapse video of our painting process.

The final painting is donated to The Red Pencil for fund raising. All proceeds would go to charity. It was later sold at SGD5K to a couple from Singapore. Bravo!!

We had the opportunity to present the painting to the buyers (shown above), Mr & Mrs Koh.

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