Sketching Orchard Road by night

Mandarin Gallery
Some say that Orchard Road is the Champs Elysee of Singapore. I rather see it as resembling somewhat the Dongdaemun in Korea, well minus the night lights and the neon signs. But we are catching up a little better as new buildings are already donning giant LED screens on their walls. The main draw of Orchard Road is the shopping. However Singaporeans come here mainly for food, as well as the tourists. Any malls without an air-conditioned food court couldn't and wouldn't draw the crowd. I come here to sketch, when night falls. My wife's dance lessons have shifted to Orchard recently so my night sketching location has changed too. Its quite timely to explore Orchard for sketching because I notice that many of the developments have been completed. Shaw House has a lot more sitting areas and open spaces where you could see Ion Orchard from the opposite side. The underground pedestrian walk is near completion too so transversing around Orchard underground is no more a chore. There is also a huge open "hang" space in front of Ion Orchard where you can sit freely with Orchard Boulevard junction in full view. We used to be able to see Tangs from across the road but now, the trees in front of the building have grown so large and tall, Tangs is almost obscured. Night time, the streets are well lit and there are always available benches to sit and sketch. There are always curious on-lookers but usually they don't stay long.

Ion Orchard
Top: Mandarin Gallery: Hero Fountain pen with water soluble Walnut brown ink (Noodlers). Pentel brush pen for the wash and darks. Bot: Hero fountain pen with waterproof Noodlers black ink. The darks and wash were created the same way.

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