Wood Sculpture Symposium 2013

Wood Sculpture Symposium Wood Sculpture Symposium held in Nov 2013. I got to Fort Canning Park to see the sculptors in action after a tip off by a friend. A shower has just passed leaving the ground pretty muddy to walk on. Han Sai Por A particular piece stood out among the rest because of its size and complexity. A lady (I couldn't see her face) perched on top of the sculpture on a ladder very focused on her work. Little did I know that she is Ms Han Sai Por after I posted the sketch and photo on Facebook and another friend tagged her. She is the sculptor who has worked on the infamous Seed Series and the slabs of carved rocks sitting in front of the National Museum of Singapore. I love her work and her choice of materials for her sculpted pieces. sculpture society I met another figure who was sculpting away furiously and approached to sketch him. He claimed to be a hobbyist who has started the craft after attending a one-year-workshop with NAFA. He has lived in Singapore for several years now. 1475957_10151720861515951_1583072751_n 1471216_10151720864125951_1663122393_n 1470179_10151720861160951_2075688273_n 1463080_10151720861715951_614594513_n

Sketches done with a Pentel brush pen.

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 Other sketches done with a brush pen on an A5 Monologue sketchpad. I

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