Tibby lazing on a yellow towel

Tibby lazing on a yellow towel
When we are in the room, Tibby loves to snuggle up close to us wherever we are. Maybe she misses us. We are most of the time not home and she would sleep all day. I kinda miss my cat during the day too. When she needs attention she would mew for it, but she does not need a lot of it. I would scratch her tummy and she would settle down. She is such an intelligent cat... the moment she sees us working or doing something, like in front of the computer, she would just lie down somewhere. The moment she sees me in front of the TV, she would come and ask for some love and attention. :D

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  1. Pianino

    Wiecie kim jest prawdziwy intelektualista? To ktos, kto znalazl cos bardziej interesujacego niz kobialki... :-)