Bedok Central Sketchwalk Dec 2012

Bedok-Sketchwalk-showtellsm2We all had a grand day out. There were so many things going on it was hard to focus on doing something right. First there was a huge construction going on. It was noisy, coupled with the noise in the food centre, and onlookers, and singing buskers... and some people were playing their favourite songs at top volume... it was exploding. But yet we managed to accomplished quite a bit in the sketch walk and the show & tell was a blast! I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm yet again!
Bedok South Food Center Block 16
Here's a piece that I did for the Bedok Sketchwalk... titled Coffeeshop talk. A group of elderlies arriving by their bicycles at the food centre at Bedok South Block 16 for a coffee and a chat. At the end, some came over and had a good laugh when they saw themselves in the sketch! I got acquainted with another unker who was talking to me since I sat down to sketch. He said he used to live along the beach in a kampong called Mata Ikan eons ago. He moved to the Bedok Estate in 1976!!
Bedok Sketchwalk Part 2
And the group that stayed back was a much smaller and more cozy group (Favian Ee & Ignatius Yeo left slightly earlier). We were all treated with free watermelon drinks thanks to a kind stall owner, cos Chanel Hu did a sketch of the fruit juice stall. In the group here were Zhu Hong,Marvin ChewTony Chua, Chanel Hu, Liz-Borromini Steel, and myself, Don Low. :D

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