Create a Rule of Thirds Grids in Photoshop

Put your GRID View in Photoshop to good use by creating a "Rule of Thirds" grid as you draw or paint.


1. Go to Photoshop, hit Command K (PC: Ctrl-K) to open Photoshop's Preferences.

2. Select and click on Guides, Grid & Slices.

3. Under the GRID section, change: Gridline every: 100 percent. Subdivisions 3, and hit OK.

This will create a grid that divides working area or canvas into equal thirds. Now go to View and Show > Grids OR press Command ’ (PC: Ctrl – ’(apostrophe) to turn on the Grids view. You can begin your composition and design with the help of the tool.

Or follow the visual steps below:

1) Take note of the Default Setting. You might not want to loose it.

2) Change the setting accordingly:

3) Turn on the Grid View (Or Use Command / Ctrl ')

4) The Result:

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