Paris Travel Comics

Did some sketches and cartoons from the trip we made to Paris. Here are some cartoons I did when we were resting in the hotel room, while reflecting on our visits to the various touristic locations in the city.

Our first bad experience in Paris was while we were trying to buy sausages and fries from a hot dog stand under the Eiffel Tower. I have a feeling they were taking advantage of tourists. Their attitudes left a bad taste in our visit to this "romantic" city.

[caption id="attachment_2102" align="alignnone" width="561" caption="Hot Dog Stand"][/caption]

The available channels in English are so limited in the hotel we ended up watching the Japanese NHK World Channel every night. It was funny because we also ended up learning to speak Japanese from the programs.

The above was the latest exhibit at the Louvre. It was a restored painting by Leonardo da Vinci named Saint Mary Anne. I have to pay a little more apart from paying the entrance fee to see this exhibit. It was amazing to see the original sketches made by Leonardo before he painted the final painting, which was left uncompleted.

The highlight of my visit to Paris was to visit Crumb's show at the Museum of Modern Art which was just 8 mins walk from the hotel where I stayed. Looking at the original drawings and published work, and the documentary allowed me to take a closer glimpse to Crumb's life and his obsession for cross hatchings.

In another museum, Petit Musee, I got to see Monet's setup while he was painting outdoors, or Plein Air.

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