Recent Watercolor Sketches and Paintings...

Painting with watercolor is really fun. I have been trying to paint since I was 14, when I could afford some nice watercolor paints after working as a signboard artist during my holiday. When I got into JC I painted my home's toilet; the painting got sold to my Biology teacher who bought it at $250. I was elated. Then I sold 2 other BW sketches to my English teacher for $500; she told me at that time she just bought a condo and couldn't afford furniture but she was willing to buy the sketches from me, then treated me to a nice dinner at her home with her husband to thank me for selling the sketches to her!! Those were my formative years.

Boat Quay-North Canal Road

North Canal Road, Boat Quay
STRUT Watercolor Cold Pressed
Painted on location.

Duxton Rd
Duxton Road
Hero Fountain Pen
Watercolor on location
Hokusai Watercolor sketchbook

Sketching and Painting Ellison Building
Ellison Building along Selegie Road

Symphony Lake, Botanical Gardens
Singapore Botanical Gardens

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