Sketching on the train...

The only time I sketched on the train (MRT) this year was when I visited Taipei, Taiwan in January and boarded the MRT to get to some destinations including a grand hotel where I was attending a friend's wedding. Yesterday I have to board the MRT to get to the school where I am teaching a night class. I took the train at 5pm from Kembangan station. It was peak hours when everyone was rushing home from work. There was a sense of urgency on everyone's face. I took extra care not to cross their paths in fear that I would be trampled. The train arrived within a minute I reached the platform. I could say that the train service is pretty efficient.

Since the train was already quite crowded, I quickly parked myself in a space in between 2 train cabins so i could have something to lean against and also to stay as far away from the entrance/exit as possible. I started sketching to occupy myself on this 30-min train journey to Buona Vista. I was actually quite surprised to find that most passengers left me alone to draw. They took a quick look usually but went back to their empty stare into space almost immediately. One or two ladies tried to see why I was staring out at them but they were not hostile. :P I managed to finish 3 sketches (double-paged) and got off safely.

[caption id="attachment_1650" align="alignnone" width="498" caption="MRT_Journey"][/caption]

Medium- 4B Pencil (Becos I forgot to fill up my fountain pens).

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