Genetically Engineered Mozzies - everything is plausible.

[caption id="attachment_1564" align="alignnone" width="520" caption="Genetically Engineered Mozzies"][/caption]

Everyone hates mosquitoes. Just one bite you would be left scratching your itch the whole night, leaving you sleepless and frustrated the next morning. Besides you do not end up with just one but multiple bites all at once. Just hearing that they released 6000 mosquitoes into the open makes me itchy all over. And not to mention these mozzies were genetically engineered so their off spring, if they happened to mate and give birth to any, would have a shorter life cycle. But what if something went wrong because you never know, you know. What if their DNA was altered in such a way they are immune to pesticides or made them a better carrier of other diseases? Despite protests, Malaysia went ahead to release that 6000 mozzies without even informing anyone. It was a secret experiment and mission - it might be even a terrorist act... ok, I shall cut the loose talk but everything is plausible these days.

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