Watrcolor Box Set from W & N

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="My Color Palette"]My Color Palette[/caption]

Found this sketch of my color palette box set from W & N Cotman series which I bought when I was in America studying. Cost me quite a bomb too. When I bought it, it was my first time seeing a watercolor box set - I know I am an ignorant artist! I was excited because now I could draw and paint on location without having to bring paint tubes and additional palette. At the same time I bought 3 brush pens so there wouldn't be a need to carry water bottles too. These inventions are great stuff!

I cam back Singapore to find that this is not available (that was in Dec). But I found Straits Commercial selling individual color cakes by Rembrandt. I only managed to try the colors just recently 8 months later after I bought it. Rembrandt has more brilliancy than Cotman, and the paint dissolves much faster and looks richer!  Okay, now my plan is too use up my Cotman and then replace with Rembrandt.

At the mean time... I will sketch more!! :D

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