Of deities and gods

[caption id="attachment_1435" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="4 Faced Buddha along Lor Mydin"][/caption]

Not sure when I took on an interest in gods and deities - it must be urban sketching. I wrote on a FB wall post that it is the responsibility of a sketcher to search high and low, and into every nooks and crannies for subjects which can be mundane or interesting, rare or common, far or near you. It is interesting for me to realize that in the process of doing this, I begin to notice things that I have not noticed before. Things that I would normally ignore I would start to take notice too. Anyway here's a sketch of a four faced buddha - though a deity that is commonly worshiped by Chinese or Thais, he is actually Lord Brahma - one of the Trinity of Hindu Gods in India. The Thais call Brahma, Than Tao MahaProm or Phra Phrom whilst the four faces symbolize the four books of the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures and the source of all knowledge in the creation of the universe.

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