New Sketches made in Singapore

[caption id="attachment_862" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="New Sketches Uploaded on Flickr"]New Sketches Uploaded on Flickr[/caption]

These are sketches made since we returned from the States on Nov 14. It has been about a month of meeting and catching up with friends, touring around Singapore, eating local delicacies and getting use to the weather. 5 Stars to the local food. 1 Star to the weather... lol! There are so much to see; ION Orchard which stands like a mammoth above ground and at the same time having such a huge cavern like shopping labyrinth underground; iLUMA which looks like a shimmering beehive in the sun; the towering Ferris wheel and the Pinnacle, and the Integrated Resorts still under construction. Singapore is not quite like Singapore 4 years ago before we left.

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And I'm always looking forward to sketching with friends ... willing friends who do not think sketching is a chore or a waste of time. Fortunately I could find such people here. In fact we just went for a "Sketch Walk" at Sungei Kadut over the weekend. There were altogether 5 of us sitting in a van. We drove and sketched and then stopped either for coffee or lunch. It has been a fulfilling day!!!

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