San Diego Comic Con 2009 Report I

[caption id="attachment_804" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="San Diego Comic Con 2009"]San Diego Comic Con 2009[/caption]

San Diego Comic Con 2009 was awesome! I am so glad we finally managed to make it to the big event. I have been thinking about it since 3 years ago when I first arrived in America for my graduate studies. Before that, I have never imagined myself traveling to USA for that kind of thing due to some work and financial responsibilities. And I was not sure whether I could convince my wife enough to attend since she is not a comic book fan or reader. However, after 4 days standing in line, squeezing through the crowd, screaming at celebrities, meeting Miyazaki, watching previews, talking to artists and writers, and taking photos with costumed attendees, my wife is finally converted. She said she is has to go next year! Since we returned from the trip, she has been raving about it to friends, over dinner and so forth. She is crazier than I am!

comic-con2Well, the best part for me was getting to meet up in person, Shane Glines, Stephen Silver, Enrico Casarosa, Ronnie del Carmen, Moritat (aka Justin Norman), Gabriel Bautista, Mike Mignola, Rogue Ballesteros, Richard Starkings, Robert Valley and many more. Then I realized I knew so little about comic books, artists and writers. It is now inappropriate to call myself a comic book fan. I have been following these artist for years and it has always in my dream to meet up with them or visit their studio just to see how they work. At first I was pretty nervous approaching them at their booths, but every artist I talked to were so friendly and casual. They were so willing to talk about themselves and their work I was caught by surprise. Maybe the artists I met in the past back when I was still in Singapore were too snooty to even wanted to talk to me,  so I developed a little phobia that I would be turned down each time I approach an artist to ask about their work and process.

Anyway, experience at the comic con was really great!  I will be ready to set up my booth for next year!!
=) Just to wet your appetite, here's a great sketch by Moritat ( himself!!

[caption id="attachment_809" align="alignleft" width="587" caption="Moritat"]Moritat[/caption]

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