Drawing a caricature for Marty Sklar

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Remember Marty Sklar?
For his retirement from Disney Imagineer as a Disney Ambassador, I drew him a caricature of himself just for keep sake as a personal gift from myself. I presented him the gift right after Imaginations luncheon and prize presentation for the 2009 winners of the annual competition. Fortunately at that time, there wasn't a big crowd around him. I was pretty nervous so I stuttered as I presented him the portrait. He liked it immediately. He said it would go up on the wall of his new office at home. After a few days I received a hand written note thanking me for this special gift. I know it is a personal note but I would like to share this here because I am really proud of it. I am a big fan of Imagineering and I am proud to be part of it as an Imagination Graduate and alumni. It has indeed been a great year working in Disney Parks & Resorts Online as a visual designer. Though it was an internship, I have produced work that was of professional level and has shown utmost professionalism in my work. Too bad they are not hiring me further because I know I can do a lot more than what was expected of me. It is a bummer that Disney has allowed some little and simple administrative work to stop them from hiring a talent. Anyway I am glad I did achieve something within a short year. What's next for me? I will be preparing myself for more. Comic Con is coming up next shortly and I do hope I could get some contacts from the convention. Crossing my fingers. Now here's the personal note from Marty Sklar. Applause!!

[caption id="attachment_770" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Marty's thank you note"]Marty's thank you note[/caption]

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