Finally arrived - Intuos 4 (Large)


Went home for lunch to find my Intuos 4 has arrived. I eagerly took it out into the living room to unbox it. Kat said I looked like a little boy with his new toys. Yes I am pretty glad I bought it while braving the financial storm and economic depression. My first Wacom was a 12X12 Intuos 2 - then it was the blue version which I gleefully exchanged with my friend's 6X8 Silver Intuos 2 that I carried it with me to American for my graduate studies. Shortly after, I bought another 6X8 silver Intuos 2 from a graduating student who sold it at USD80. 2 years later I re-sold it at USD140 making a profit of USD60 knowing that I am going to buy me a new Intuos soon. Just a couple of months ago I was browsing for an Intuos 3 on Amazon when I came across an ad on a magazine that Wacom has launched Intuos 4 with a 2048 pressure sentivity. Soon after that, Intuos 3 dropped by half price on Amazon. I was torn between spending less in getting an Intuos 3 and spending a lot more getting Intuos 4 to satisfy my vanity. At the same time I was also contemplating getting a XBOX! It was a hard decision. I was already very satisfied with Intuos 3 as I was already using it in the office, a 9X12 which responded very well with a 19" monitor as the lines I drew with it did not quiver.

Anyway with so many good reviews of Intuos 4, and there are always some good reasons why Wacom decides to push the new product, I bought one and waited 4 days for it since I ordered it last Friday evening on Amazon. Unboxing it was like a ceremony. I gingerly took out all the components and laid them out to take pictures with it, thereby announcing that I am the proud owner of a sleek piece of technological gadget. Well I could have bought an iPhone but to me, not value for money.

I am surprise to see how thin and light Intuos 4 is. I am not going to describe it here. For more info please visit And I also realize it comes with like 10 different extra nibs inside the pen holder. I have yet to test out all the additional features like the expression keys and the touch ring, but I'm already liking how natural the stylus feels on the Intuos. *Bow to Wacom.

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