Another Sketchbook Tour - Travel Sketching Trip to UK in 2016

 In 2016, my missus and I decided to make a trip to UK to visit some friends and to recharge as well. It was a trip we always wanted to do as a couple. We remembered our trip to UK for the first time in 1998. My wife drive ourselves across UK all the way to Scotland. It was unforgettable. This time we wanted another memory made together at the same time to celebrate our anniversary. We were married for 18 years by then.

LInk to the video on Youtube: Sketchbook Tour UK Trip 2016

Duration: Approx. 4mins Edited with: Filmora Sketchbook: Hand.Book Journal - Watercolour Grand Portrait (Travelogue Series) Size: 10.5" X 8.25" More info (not affiliated): ---------------- Places Visited: 1. Central London 2. Greenstead Avenue 3. Tate Modern 4. Bath 5. Polruan & Fowey in Cornwall 6. Cheltenham 7. Stow-on-the-Wold 8. Conwy 9. Cumbria

USK Symposium 2016 (Manchester)
Also the key reason was to attend the USK Annual Sketching Symposium, this time held in Manchester. The days leading up to the event was nerve wracking because I would be conducting a workshop on sketching people. Teaching a workshop is different because it has to be concise and sometimes 'entertaining'.

The following are the other sketches done on another sketchbook during the stay in Manchester.

Oxford Street & Cavendish Street. Manchester

Nice looking building in Manchester City

This wasn't my first time in Manchester but the first in sketching on the streets. I have not explored Manchester so thoroughly before, thanks to USK.

Sticker gift & autograph by the one and only Rob Sketcherman

Sketching the sketchers

Participating the drink and draw event

University of Manchester

Sketching on the bus

Visiting Kat's close friends living in Manchester

Innside Hotel, Manchester

Heathrow Airport

In total we spent a great 2 weeks in UK. We drove from London to Manchester and back. A pretty awesome and exciting road trip but really tiring after that. However we were glad we could do it together. We weren't sure when we would do it again but to our delight, we were back in 2 years time in 2018 as a stopover on our trip to Porto Portugal for another USK Symposium.

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