Non-essential jobs during the pandemic


All over the world, people wants to know what are the essential jobs during the pandemic or who are the essential workers in times like this. It is crucial to have the right people not to be locked down when the cases of Covid19 was on the rise. In Singapore, however, people are interested to know who are the non-essential workers who are holding the least important position in a crisis. So a local newspaper did a survey and published the result.


Lo, and behold, the top 5 non-essential jobs are revealed, and topping it all was "Artist". 

From the repost: 

In an article on June 14, The Sunday Times revealed the results of a commissioned survey on people's perceptions of essential jobs within the context of a pandemic.

Results were collated from the responses of around 1,000 participants aged 16 and above, with a "nationally representative sampling across age, gender and income groups."

It was carried out by Milieu Insight, a Singapore-based consumer research firm.

To a nation that produces one of the world's leading GDP, the artist is the least essential during a crisis. Artists sit around all day without anything to do. So we were all wondering who they got to produce the infographics that was published alongside the survey data. If it wasn't for the artist, who else was responsible for the graphics and the layout? Engineer? Computer scientist? My mother? 

I was more curious who were interviewed for the survey. It is uncertain how the survey defined what an artist is. Why artist? Was it given as a multiple choice? Was there no other option left? Was it done on purpose to sway the public to believe that going to a art and design school is non-essential. How did the public perceived what an artist is. There were so many question popping into my head when I saw the results of the survey.

The most pertinent question was, how did a national paper allow such survey to go through? And "Why is this need to publicly proclaim as to who is doing important work and who is doing lesser ones?

The survey has sparked many to voice out.

Some exclaimed that finally artist is ranking NO.1.

Till date, I am still puzzled and the mystery prevailed.

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