Sketching Setup: Tools and Materials

Starting top left and going down from left to right and right to left...

1. Masking tape to hold the paper down to the board and also making a white frame around the painting.
2. Coloured pencils from Blicks. I am currently switching to Faber Castell Polychromous coloured pencils.
3. Green carrier bag to hold all my fountain pens, markers and brush pens.
4. Plastic box of magic coloured markers.
5. A5 sized Goldline sketchbook from Clairefontaine with perfect binding. So far this is my favourite brand of sketchbook as it opens flat and well glued to the spine of the cover. Paint doesn't seeps through the binding like Pentalic sketchbook does.
6. Microfiber cloth for drying out the brushes.
7. Mini cough syrup bottle to hold a small portion of water for mixing and diluting watercolour pigments.
8. Watercolour tubes to top up. I am carrying more of these now just to make sure I am using fresh wet pigment rather than dried ones on the palette.
9. An assortment of paint brushes. Spare Ink cartridges for the brush pens.
10. More coloured and drawing graphite pencils.
11. Watercolour palette and mixing wells.
12. Stationery like glue stick, correction tape, binder clips, and spray bottle. Last but not least a bottle to hold some gouache white.

The setup is more than sufficient for casual sketching on the sketchbook. For painting, I would be bringing more stuff like easel tripod, palette tray and more water.

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