#oneweek100people2019 #oneweek100people The above hashtag is an anuual drawing challenge proposed by US urbansketchers, Marc Taro Holmes, Suhita Shirodkar and Liz Steel. This year, it is the third and will begin from April 8 to April 12. Just a week to focus the sketching attention of individuals to just people, figures and humans in various activity or portraits and faces in different approaches and mediums.

Drawings can be done on location from life observation or from sources like video or reference images. The objective is to have fun with drawing people without inhibition and building confidence from there. Everyday we can portion out the quantity as we like but amounting to 100 within the week. One the first day I have seen many people posted their results already and they were awesome. I chose to draw my first set in a cafe and on the train.


There are 13 on this spread and 5 more on another page, totalling to 18 figures for my Day 1 contribution. These were done in Starbucks. It was a small and intimate cafe so everyone was sitting pretty near to me. The sizes I drew were relative to the distance the targeted subject was from me. I tend not to draw something far from me bigger than how I measured by sight. When a subject was near me I would include more details as well. When the subject was further, I would be focusing on gesture, shapes and details become suggested.


 In the above drawing, some of the figures were done on the train, when I was journeying back home. It was a very short ride so I only managed to complete 4 and due to space constraint, some sketches were partially done. I just wanted to squeeze more in a page instead of starting a new one.

Some thoughts:
1. I was using a brush pen for my challenge. I normally draw with a brush pen because it is versatile, it has black ink which is permanent, it gives a large variety of line quality which means different line width and weight; it is lightweight and handy which adds to the mobility and convenience of the tool. #pentelbrushpen #pentelpocketbrushpen

 2. There are many ways to do this challenge. One of which is what I have shown above; figure in different size and proportion so these contribute to an overall design within the spread, and kinda enhance the visual interest of a competed page. This is just a preference. One may arrange heads or faces or figures with the same proportion and size across the page too. There is no right and wrong practice. Do what you think is fun.

 3. Carry a small book if you like. I chose a small book so I can stay inconspicuous throughout the process. However there will still be people who want to look over your shoulder to see what you are up to. Usually I will smile and say hello and probably talk a little if the person continued to ask question or strike a conversation. Most of the time I try not to call attention to myself while drawing in public. I wouldn't peer over another's shoulder to see what the person is up to with his or her phone. You know what I meant? But most other people regard drawing as a talent and a rare gift, thus they are curious when someone is drawing. Usually when you draw well, they response. So be cool about it.

 4. I would suggest sketching and drawing with different approaches and medium each time. This is time to experiment and not caught with getting everything right and perfect. having fun means to exploit other means of drawing. Here's a great example:



These are great practices and experiments done by Paula from the US, a Facebook friend as well. It is very encouraging to see how she has tried different mediums and drawing styles for her challenge. And I trust that she is having lotsa of fun as well. Her Facebook account is as follow. Here's a shoutout.

53503855_10158180797738356_2357027349955870720_o.jpg Click above image to go to the One Week 100 People Facebook Group page.    

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