Sketching people at a restaurant

sketching people at a restaurant

Sketching people at a restaurant

The day we flew back from Portugal we took mum out for dinner once we were done with unpacking and doing our laundry. Not that we missed Singapore food but we thought we haven't seen mum for 2 weeks so it would be nice to bring her out and see how she has been.

The restaurant was like a wet marker, as usual. I almost forgot how was it like to eat in Singapore so this was a good reminder. Everyone talking at the top of their voice as if trying to drown each other out. I pricked my ears to hear the conversation between a father and his 7-year-old boy. He was trying to teach his son multiplication and division in the middle of their dinner. Come on, just let the kid eat or were you trying to impress the rest of the diners by speaking aloud with your fake American accent with overly enunciated "r" sound in every word you spoke? You are a Chinese, a Singapore Chinese for goodness sake.


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