Eating, drinking and drawing in a ramen restaurant -

This is not going to be a food review so I am not going to talk about the best ramen I had at this restaurant in Singapore. My wife doesn’t fancy ramen because its fattening she told me once. However she loves to come here for ramen because the saltiness of the broth could be adjusted to her liking. From the menu she could even choose to have her ramen to have less oil. We have been coming here for ramen since she tested it when it opened a couple of month ago. We brought our mum here twice already, and she liked it too. I could tell by the way she ate it.
I ordered Asahi, my favourite Japanese beer, from the restaurant to go with my ramen. My plan was to drink and draw when I was done with food. My wife wanted to do some shopping as I draw. Mum stayed behind to play her favourite iPhone game. Yes we are now officially a gadget family. She beats with Candy Crush by 300 levels.
Recently someone asked me why I like to sketch with the iPad Pro. The reason is simple, though it doesn’t feel as good as drawing on paper, which I am still doing, drawing with the iPad is just for convenience. With longer battery life I could be sketching on the tablet for the entire day without the fear of running out of juice. Apple Pencil is a joy to use. It draws naturally with the pressure sensitivity and tilt function. With this I am using the Pencil Brush Tool more often now. The other reason is, I have just recently completed my Jul-Oct sketchbook but I couldn’t make up my mind which sketchbook to use for the new months ahead. I had already stocked up 3 other sketchbooks from the “Gold Line” series by “Clairefontaine”. I just have to start using one of them. 
Back to the ramen restaurant. It was timely when a couple came to sit directly in front of me. They were busy talking and eating. Though we were just about 2 metres away from each other, they have not noticed what I was doing. When I draw people I don’t always have my head bobbing up and down, so that keeps me from being noticed. Keeping your movement a minimal is a good tip for drawing people. 
I did the sketch with a customised pen tool brush in b & w, and then colourised it back at home, taking my time to work with an unfamiliar tool, the acrylic paint brush, and testing the effects of painting in transparency layers, yet keeping the the look more textural at the same time. The total time to sketch and to paint was about less than an hour.

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