Pentel Pocket Brush Pen versus Kuretake Brush Pen

2 of my favourite brush pens are from Kuretake and Pentel. I have been using Pentel Pocket brush pen longer as the Kuretake brush pen is a recent purchase. 

Both pens use a convenient ink cartridge refill system and both comes with 2-3 refill cartridges in the package. The ink in the cartridges contains permanent pigment ink ideal for ink and wash. However Kuretake’s ink may be just water-resistant and not fully water-proof.

Both also are able to deliver fine to broad lines with a single brush stroke. The fine lines are great for detailing, whilst the broad strokes allow for quick filling in of dark areas and creating bold gestural lines great for expression and calligraphy.

Brush strokes from Kuretake and Pentel pocket brush pen
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen:

When I was using the pocket brush pen for the first time, it needs a bit of coaxing for the ink to fill up the synthetic bristle of the brush. Even so, ink flow wasn’t that great at first and I have to squeeze the plastic ink cartridge before a better ink flow was achieved. After a long while, not certain what happened, ink flow is more consistent and that was after 1-2 change of cartridges.

The body is made of plastic, and very light weight. For my pen, it has a “Pentel QFKP Japan” inscribed on the cap, while another version has a “笔“ (aka pen or brush in Chinese) inscribed on the pen cap. There is sometimes still a problem with ink flow when I draw fast. Ink flow also varies from paper type to paper type. It definitely works better when there is less tooth on the paper surface.

I have been using my one and only pocket brush pen since 3-4 years ago. The brush point remains as sharp as before and I thought it is working better now. I like how it responses well to different pressure and even hand movement. Great for writing and drawing! 

Compare to Kuretake brush pen, Pentel pocket brush pen has a thicker body and with the plastic surface, it is easier for me to pick up and use without feeling that the pen is going to slip from my hand.

Kuretake Brush Pen:
I was introduced to this pen by a friend who got one from Japan, and immediately after trying it out, I love it, for its terrific ink flow and its ink consistency throughout. Besides, the ink stays black and looks a lot darker than the ink from the Pentel Pocket brush pen.

When I saw one in Seikaido, a “bloody” big art supply store in Shinjuku, I have to get it, since I am not sure whether I would be able to get one from Singapore. I am quite sure I could but I was actually pretty eager to try one when I was in Tokyo.

Kuretake brush pen comes in a box but I threw it away already while I was packing to return to Singapore. To make sure I have enough cartridge supply, I bought an additional pack that contains 5 cartridges. 

The difference between Pentel ink cartridge and Kuretake’s is, the latter has a metallic ball at the mouth of each cartridge. It would be poked through when the cartridge is inserted into the barrel fit of the brush pen and stays in the cartridge. And when you shake the brush pen, you can hear the ball bearing moving. I reckon this would help to coax ink flow into the barrel feed. And it did. 

In comparison, Kuretake could deliver much broader line and even finer strokes without loosing ink flow. It has been really satisfying to use especially when I was detailing. Brush feels smooth on paper and responses well to varying pen pressure and movement, just like the Pentel.

Kuretake has a metallic body and gold trimmings on the cap and end point of the barrel. It definitely looks a lot more elegant and classy than the Pentel. Therefore it costs more too. The sleek body of the Kuretake becomes a hindrance to me because I find it harder to pick it up and hold when my hand is dry. I would have that anxiety that it is going to slip from my fingers all the time. For that I would also prefer Kuretake to have a fatter body too. 

Drawings made by Pentel Pocket brush pen:

Drawings made by Kuretake brush pen:

In addition, I got another Kuretake brush pen at the airport. It’s an exquisitely made one with lacquered body inscribed with cheery blossom make story theme design with red gold accents. The brush is not synthetic but made of natural weasel hair. It’s probably limited edition as I couldn’t find it selling else where. I will be keeping it in the box for a while as I wasn’t sure I would use it. Its too precious. 

Product shot from the internet.

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  1. "I will be keeping it in the box for a while as I wasn’t sure I would use it. Its too precious. "
    I thought I was the only one that did that! Hopefully you broke down and used it!

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